As you will remember the Mildenhall programme was changed to a fold out six page design last year to keep down costs whilst not increasing the price to supporters. Unfortunately that has now no longer proved sustainable and whilst the club apologises for this increase, we need to inform you that as of this weekend the Mildenhall speedway programme will increase to £2.00.

Many of you will remember that the programme was £2.00 in 2010, but when I came on board with Chris and Michael we decided to reduce the cost to £1.50 to help supporters a little. We have managed to maintain that for five and a half seasons but it has now reached a point where it is no longer viable. In an effort to give value for money, a new design of programme has been produced and will be a 12 page effort that will develop fully over the coming weeks. Phil and Keith Crawford from Riverside Print have been working on this for me and hopefully it will meet with your approval.

I must go on record as thanking Keith at Riverside Print for all he does for the club and if it hadn't have been for his sterling efforts to cut costs for us and help us in many areas the price would have had to increase sooner.

As always I am available to speak to should you wish to at any home meeting
Thank you for your continued support