It may have been six weeks since the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ had ridden at home but they certainly remembered the fastest way round the West Row circuit as all seven scored solid points that sent the ‘Warriors’ back across the Solent on the back of a heavy and comprehensive defeat.

Although guest No 1 for the visitors Zach Wajtknecht won heat one they had to wait until heat fifteen to take another chequered flag. Revitalised reserve Luke Ruddick, clearly showing the benefit of Saturday afternoons training session with Robert Henry and Kevin Jolly, and Alfie Bowtell raced to an impressive heat two 5-1 before the Fen Tigers recorded their only last place of the day when the bright sunlight confused Danny Halsey into believing the red light on the first bend was on as he eased right off before continuing to the end of the race.

Heat four saw the ever impressive Connor Mountain execute a highly skilled pass on visiting captain James Cockle before Halsey atoned for his heat three blip with a classy piece of team riding as he blocked off Wajtknechts move on the last two bends allowing Connor Coles around the outside for the second 5-1 of the afternoon. Three successive 4-2 advantages to the now rampant Fen Tigers saw the lead increase to sixteen points after heat eight, before first Halsey then Coles passed Cockle for a superb 5-1 in heat nine. Jon Armstrong and Chris Widman repeated the feat in heat ten as the Fen Tigers extended their lead to 24 points.

Heat thirteen saw a master class from Armstrong and Mountain, as first Mountain passed the fast gating Wajtknecht with the sweetest of moves before Armstrong set off in pursuit of the ‘Warrior’ guest, drawing closer each lap the Fen Tigers No 1 and Captain eased up behind Wajtknecht as they approached the final two bends before sweeping round Wajtknecht and passing him on the way to the line a move that brought the loudest cheer of the afternoon from a crowd being regally entertained in the Suffolk sunshine. Heat fifteen saw another excellent race between Wajtknecht, Mountain and Coles with it possible to throw a blanket over all three riders at times during the race before Wajtknecht pulled away towards the finishing line.

Kevin Jollys beaming smile matched the sunshine on display today, he said “It was great to be back on track at home today and the lads responded in style. If they can ride like this regularly we can surely beat anyone anywhere, from one to seven they were excellent. The track produced some superb racing I felt and although the victory was 34 points there was some close racing for the fans to enjoy with some excellent moves from our lads.

We need to take this form into the Buxton meeting next Sunday where we will be gunning for all four points and on this form I wouldn’t back against us. We have a septet riding really well and a crop of exciting youngsters looking for their chance to break into the team, things really could not be more positive for us!”.

The ‘Stonefield Farm Shop’ Fen Tiger Cubs raced to a fine 21-14 victory over the MK Knights which sees them move to the top of the MDL Group B table ahead of Wednesday evenings away match at Kings Lynn.

Mildenhall ‘KJM / Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 62
Connor Mountain 14 (5), Connor Coles 12+2 (5), Jon Armstrong 10+1 (4), Danny Halsey 8+1 (4), Luke Ruddick 8 (4), Chris Widman 5+2 (4) and Alfie Bowtell 5+1 (4)

Isle of Wight ‘Wightlik’ Warriors 28
Zach Wajtknecht 12 (), James Cockle 7 (5), Mark Baseby 6+1 (6), Kelsey Dugard 2 (4), Tyler Govier 1 (4) and Sam Bebee 0 (5) R/R Lee Smart

Mildenhall ‘Stonefield Farm Shop’ Fen Tiger Cubs 21
Alfie Bowtell 9 (4), Sam Bebee 8+1 (4) and Alex Spooner 4 (2) R/R Rob Parker

MK Knights 14
William O’Keefe 6+1 (4), Connor King 5+1 (4) and Jake Isherwood 3+1 (4) R/R Danny Wright