Following a further SCB tribunal hearing on Tuesday 19 July, the Board have considered the appeal lodged by Mildenhall, and have imposed a new fine of £1250 (£1000 suspended until November 2017), an immediate deduction of 3pts, with an agreement to re-stage the aborted Mildenhall v Cradley fixture. Entrance for that event will be reduced to £10.00 per adult, and a free programme. It is hoped that a new re-staging date can be swiftly agreed.

The appeal was lodged by James Easter of Mildenhall, who in his advisory role took on the responsibility of finalising an suitable agreement with the Control Board. Originally Cradley were awarded the points but this caused understandable annoyance with other clubs who considered that the West Midlands club would obtain an unfair advantage.

Easter in his role as National League Sponsor said “Once the original edict was issued I could see that this would cause considerable aggravation, and really wasn’t in the interests of the League. The only way this could be changed was if Mildenhall lodged an appeal...this I considered was in the best general interests of speedway, as we have to consider the bigger picture rather than the interests of any single club”

Fortunately the SCB viewed our appeal in that light, and we are now in a position where each club has not been disenfranchised, and supporters will be able to watch what should be a tough encounter at West Row.

Mildenhall have not only received their fine in the correct manner, the Leagues Clubs have been protected, and the dust should now be allowed to settle. The club has lost considerable revenue from the daily costs, but that is a lesson which hopefully will never be repeated. We have made a genuine effort to give supporters some financial compensation, but thankfully a protracted massive fine has been averted, and the club will continue to grow and thrive with its marvellous band of supporters and the huge efforts by our sponsors to assist us.

We would wish to thank everyone for their support, our fans, the Riders and Mechanics, the League Management, Speedway Control Board and those people who kindly gave us both moral and physical support”.