Mildenhall promoter Kevin Jolly has handed Berwick based racer Luke Ruddick a return to his adopted ‘home’ for a third season following the 18 year old losing his team place in the second half of the 2016 season.

Ruddick started very well in his opening season in 2015, but issues elsewhere in the side meant he was elevated into the main body too early resulting in a dip in form and confidence before injury curtailed his debut season. It was a similar story last year where an early season wrist and shoulder injury left the amiable youngster on the sidelines for the opening couple of months, and although he showed glimpses of his potential he was replaced following the away defeat at Birmingham. Jolly had seen enough though to feel Ruddick is worth another chance, he said “There is no doubting Luke has the potential to progress in the sport, he is a likeable lad who gives everything and is so determined to succeed. Sadly last year that determination saw him trying too hard at times which resulted in a nasty early season injury. We tried a different set-up for him where his bikes were looked after in Suffolk but in hindsight that didn’t work perfectly as he had no opportunity to practise around the Northern tracks when back home between meetings.

We are setting him up differently this coming season, with Connor Coles moving on Darren Grimwood will be looking after Luke in the pits and he has already had some constructive conversations with Robert (Henry), added to that he has passed his driving test and will be coming down with his father on some occasions and his bikes will be with him. We feel this will all help him relax, enjoy his speedway and progress at a manageable pace. There is no pressure on him and he knows he has the full support of all the Mildenhall management team”.

Ruddick was pleased to be back at Mildenhall once again, he said –
“I'm very excited about being back for 2017. Last year was not a good year for me with injury and a drop of confidence, I made some mistakes but I have learned from that experience and I am working very hard to put everything in place over the winter. 

Last year I wasn't fit enough and didn't practice enough, but now I am attending the gym regularly and managing my diet properly and am fitter than I have ever been and have started practicing already. My aim is to not put pressure on myself as much and just enjoy my racing. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped me last year it was greatly appreciated.  I can't wait to be coming back to the club with the best fans in the National League, the support you have given me and other riders these past few seasons has been amazing. I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year”.

Ruddick’s signing means that only two places remain to be filled (other signings to date being Jon Armstrong, Danny Halsey, Jordan Jenkins and Connor Mountain), one of which will be announced this coming weekend!