Mildenhall speedway are looking to introduce a ‘Celebrity Club’ draw for the 2017 season. This will be a regular draw at the track where top cash prizes can be won alongside memorabilia and other speedway based prizes that are sure to appeal to Mildenhall supporters.

Before we proceed though it would be helpful to gauge the interest amongst our excellent supporter base, our facebook page is running a poll at the moment where you can register your interest or you can use the Contact Us option on this site to express an interest (use Lee Chipchase).

The basics are as follows – for £24 per year (just £2.00 a month), you will be entered into ten draws across the year. There will be nine monthly draws across the speedway season taking place in March / April / May / June / July /August / September / October and November. The draws will start at the Snail racing evening and finish at the EOS Party. There is no limit to the number of entries you can buy, with each entry you will be given a number that will be retained throughout the period of the draws.

There will also be a special grand draw in December just in time for Christmas.

An example of how this would work is below:

‘If there were one hundred members, then each monthly draw would see prizes of £75.00 and £25.00 given with the other half going to help with the running and maintaining of the speedway club. The December grand draw would see prizes of £200.00, £75.00 and £25.00.

On top of this during the season there will be additional monthly prizes such as Race Jackets from the Fen Tigers and the Fen Tiger Cubs and other speedway based prizes. Every prize winner will also have the opportunity to have a photograph taken with their favourite rider/s. There will be three ways to pay, by direct debit, cheque or cash. We will have direct debit forms on here shortly if the decision to go ahead is taken and forms would also be available at the Meet the Riders evening.

As always thank you for your support and interest, and please feel free to tell friends and supporters about the 'Celebrity Club' draw.