For the second time this season the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers welcome the Kent Kings to Mildenhall Stadium this Sunday  (14th May at 3pm) hoping for a similar result to when the two sides met in the Easter Chase. Another strong victory will put the Fen Tigers into pole position for a place in the National Trophy final against the winners of Group Two, but they will have to do so without 15 year old ‘Fen Flyer’ Jordan Jenkins who is about to commence his exams.

Club Promoter Kevin Jolly explained the clubs position, he said “When James and I spoke to Ross and Jordan about signing for Mildenhall it quickly became apparent that they were not motivated by money, it was Jordan’s education that mattered above all else. We were the only club happy to work with them and give assurances that we would support them and their wishes and of course we are happy to stand by this.

As a club Mildenhall Speedway believe that these young lads education is of paramount importance and that they should not be placed under pressure to ride speedway when they have exams coming up. It is important that we work with their families to help develop these boys on and off the track and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Jordan will miss a handful of meetings over the next few weeks and he leaves us with our very best wishes. If he shows the same application and skill as he does on his speedway bike we are sure he will achieve the results he desires.
We will look at the options available to us whilst Jordan is taking his exams but with the whole team performing as a strong unit I expect us to continue to perform well and win our matches, all the lads rode brilliantly on Sunday and showed incredible spirit Saturday evening to take something out of a difficult trip to Eastbourne”

Sundays teams:

Mildenhall ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers
Jon Armstrong, Danny Halsey, Connor Mountain, Luke Ruddick, Danno Verge, Sam Woods, TBA

Kent ‘SLYDE’ Kings
Bradley Andrews, Luke Bowen, Luke Clifton, Ben Hopwood, Anders Rowe, Nathan Stoneman, Jack Thomas