The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers received the devastating news this afternoon that talisman and number one Danny Ayres will all but certainly miss the remainder of the season following a hand injury at Coventry. Ayres is awaiting further hospital appointments but things are looking bleak for him to be able to make a return this season.

The club management have been in regular contact with Danny and he will be there whenever possible to support his team mates off the track and still has a very important role to play in the clubs hunt for trophies!

With Josh Bailey not ready to return to the team and Ryan Kinsley carrying a knock after Tuesday evenings National trophy final 1st leg at Cradley the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers will have an unfamiliar look when they head to Belle Vue tomorrow evening for the second leg of their KO Cup Semi Final. They will operate rider replacement for Ayres at number one with Tom Woolley and Danny Phillips covering the absence of Bailey and Kinsley. Both Fen Tigers should return for Sunday’s National Trophy final 2nd leg with Ben Morley coming in as a guest for Ayres.

Belle Vue are looking to turn around a thirty nine point deficit from the first leg and will be without two heat leaders themselves, Kyle Bickley and Tom Perry. Jon Armstrong steps in for Bickley whilst they will operate R/R for Perry.

Speaking about his injured riders Kevin Jolly said “We are the walking wounded somewhat at the moment, but that is speedway and we just need to get on with the job in hand. Danny’s injury is a big blow to us of course, he was in fine form and had hit the number one position just at the right time. He is naturally devastated and we will do everything we can to help him but the reality is his season is most likely over. He does have a big part to play though still as he is a very positive influence to the team off the track as well. Ryan and Josh are both pretty beat up just now but they are confident they will be ready for Sunday. We have lined up Ben Morley to cover for Danny’s absence whenever his Lakeside and Isle of Wight commitments allow him to, Ben is well known to us and we are confident he will provide excellent cover for Danny”

Friday’s teams

Belle Vue Colts
1. Jon Armstrong (g) 8.39 2. Ben Woodhull 4.96  3. Tom Perry R/R 7.78  4. Joe Lawlor 6.52  5. Jack Smith (c) 8.30  6. Paul Bowen 3.00  7. Kean Dicken 3.00

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers
1. R/R (Danny Ayres) 9.19  2. Danny Phillips (g) 7.60  3. Tom Woolley (g) 8.63  4. Jordan Jenkins (C) 7.56  5. Drew Kemp 8.81 6.Matt Marson 4.45  7. Sam Bebee 4.62