It may have been only the third time in over forty years that the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers had ridden on a Friday evening but under the West Row lights they took centre stage with a performance that was special even for them this season.

The high flying Fen Tigers were seeking a healthy lead for Mondays second leg, but no one could have expected this 32 point rout of a Kent side featuring a number of riders who know the quickest way around the Mildenhall circuit.

Thirteen race winners, only two last places and only one heat reversal paints a picture of a one sided affair, but there was some thrilling racing on view to excite the home support. Heat four saw Sam Bebee chase Kent heat leader Jack Thomas before sweeping past him coming down the home straight to join partner Drew Kemp for a maximum heat advantage.

Thomas was involved gain two heats later as Fen Tigers guest, the excellent Ben Morley forced his way past Thomas off the second bend and as the Kings man looked to respond Morley used his guile and experience to block the move before pulling away. The heat wins kept coming on a cold Suffolk evening but the temperature raised considerably in heat twelve when the flying Ryan Kinsley produced one of the rides of the season to hunt down Nathan Stoneman before sensationally passing him at high speed down the back straight. Heat thirteen saw Thomas take Kemp very wide in the opening bends, but the stylish Fen Tiger showed his usual coolness to let the bike run before coming through the smallest of gaps to join Morley for a sixth 5-1. Another super fast start from the exciting youngster in heat fifteen wrapped up a great evening for the Fen Tigers with Captain Jordan Jenkins, Matt Marson and Sam Bebee providing excellent support to Kemp (seventeen) and Kinsley (paid fifteen).

Team Manager Phil Kirk was surprised by the size of tonight’s victory, he said “I was hoping for a 12-14 point lead tonight as I did feel the Kings had enough in their team to cause us some considerable problems. The lads, however, were simply on fire tonight and proved unstoppable, incredibly they just keep improving and you sense there is even more to come.

Drew and Ryan led from the front with great support from the other four lads, Matt in particular had a fine evening and is starting to show the real ability we knew was in his locker. Matt and Sam will be very important to us in the final weeks of the season and again tonight they produced an excellent return between them. We never take anything for granted and will go to Kent on Monday looking to win the meeting there, this group know no other way”

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 61
Drew Kemp 17 (6 rides), Ryan Kinsley 14+1 (6), Jordan Jenkins 10+2 (5), Ben Morley 9+2 (4), Matt Marson 8+2 (5), Sam Bebee 3+1 (4) and R/R Josh Bailey

Kent ‘SLYDE’ Kings 29
Nathan Stoneman 7 (5 rides), Anders Rowe 6 (5), Alex Spooner 6 (6), Georgie Wood 3 (3), Taylor Hampshire 3 (4), Jack Thomas 3 (4) and Jamie Couzins 1+1 (4)