Sunday 25th May 2014

Hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails and the large picture will change to the one you have selected. All photos are courtesy of and copyrighted to Derek Leader & Jeff Higgott.

a535 Mountain(red),Woolley(white)_IF0A6858_JBH a535-Bates_IF0A6815_JBH a535-Coles(r),Kingston(b)_IF0A6520_JBH a535-Jacobs(r),Carr(w)_IF0A6345_JBH a535-Jacobs(r),Carr(y)_IF0A6785_JBH Bates(r)_Woolley(y)_Blacklock(w)_4890DL_ Blacklock(w)_Halsey(r)_4918DL_ Joe Jacobs 4946DL Johnson(b) Woolley(w) Extance(y) 4934DL Kingston(b) Johnson(r) 4853DL