Sunday 1st June 2014

Hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails and the large picture will change to the one you have selected. All photos are courtesy of and copyrighted to Derek Leader & Jeff Higgott.

a535-Coles(r),Mountain(b),Mason(w),Ayres(y)_IF0A8196_JBH a535-Jacobs(r),Coles(b),Mason(w)_IF0A8349_JBH a535-Jacobs(r),Lambert(w),BasebyA(y)_IF0A8072_JBH a535-Mountain(bI,Harris(w)_F0A8115_JBH a535-Pestell(r),Mountain(b),Harris(w)_IF0A8109_JBH Coles(b)_Baseby(y)_5201DL_.jpg Connor with Sponsors 5325DL Jacobs(r) Halsey(b) 5316DL Pestell(b)_Lambert(w)_5282DL_ Roy Hibbs and Connor Mountain  5323DL