Sunday 10th May 2015

Hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails and the large picture will change to the one you have selected. All photos are courtesy of and copyrighted to Derek Leader & Jeff Higgott.

Bacon (b) Hopwood (w) 5234DL.jpg (Large) Bacon (b) Owen (w) 5323DL.jpg (Large) Coles(r),Bacon(b),Stokes(w)_VY5A1321_JBH Halsey(r) Cockle(w) 2198DL .jpg (Large) (Custom) Halsey(r),Bacon(b),Stokes(w)_VY5A1439_JBH Halsey(r),Cockle(w),Stokes(y)_VY5A1801_JBH Halsey_VY5A1639_JBH King_VY5A1097_JBH Kingston_VY5A1389_JBH Mountain (r) Bacon (b) Wood (y) 5306DL.jpg (Large)